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Raising a Family Overseas

About the Book

Raising a Family Overseas offers practical tips for having the most meaningful experience possible raising a healthy family overseas. There are a lot of unknowns involved with making a move overseas. This book answers those unknowns by drawing on the real-life experiences of over 100 expatriate families living in 40 countries as well as my own experience as an expat child and parent. You will gain concrete tools on topics including international travel with children, how to schedule your last few weeks at home, educational choices on the field, ethical image sharing, how to move past fear of new situations, how to get involved in your new community, and how to prioritize genuine family connection in the midst of transition.

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Book Reviews

"Some of the biggest concerns of military families PCSing overseas are concerns about their children. Anna thoughtfully and kindly addresses those concerns and offers incredibly practical and deeply wise advice. I wish my parents had read this book when we moved overseas during my childhood! I look forward to sharing Raising a Family Overseas with military families moving abroad on mission with God."

Hope Mills, Co-founder and director of Foreign Soils

"I am impressed with the fact that in spite of the author's extensive personal experience living overseas as a child and then raising her own family abroad, she has included so many other voices with varying perspectives in this book."

Jeff Swartzendruber, Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, World Hope International

"Anna has written a gem of a book. You hold in your hands a priceless experience. An experience of sitting down to coffee, as it were, with dozens of folks with overseas history to hear advice, lessons, and wisdom expertly distilled by Anna's pen. Anna shares vulnerably, passionately, and joyfully to empower and encourage families pursuing an international calling. So, grab your cup of coffee and come see how dozens of stories can impact your own. Your heart will be touched."

Amy Hall, ATCK and Homeschool mom

"Raising A Family Overseas has captured something inside my spirit from the very first chapter. Absolutely Powerful!  Knowing firsthand how important family is to us all, Anna truly has captured amazing thoughts and ideas in this book. From Education to fun family outings to making sure her children see Jesus always keeps you so engaged in the book."

Pat Swartzendruber, Co-Founder JP Ministries

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